So You Have a Whiteboard! Don’t Reinvent the Wheel!

Many times using a new whiteboard may seem like a daunting task and it turns into a glorified video projector or another board to write on. The whiteboard can open doors to making a teacher’s life so much easier with some time invested in exploring the following resources. Most whiteboard products sponsor sites to allow for activity exchanges. These activities are created by fellow teachers and can be adapted to meet lesson needs. There is no need to start anything from scratch. Most likely someone has already created a lesson for what you need.

Smartboard’s activity exchange is called Smart Exchange and has a wide variety of lesson topics and grade levels. To download free lessons you will need to create an account.

Promethean board’s activity exchange is called Promethean Planet. Again, you may browse for free lessons but download with an account set up.

Mimeo system’s activity exchange is called Mimio Connect.

There are also many third party sites that create interactive activities for whiteboards. Check out some of these:

Scholastic has some free content but also sells bundles of literacy based lessons. These are compatible across devices. Activities are available in social studies, language arts, science and learning games.

Gynzy although not a free resource ($99/ year) does provide you with a free trial basis to try it out and see if the content suits your needs. They are browser based and allow you to save your favorite tools and lessons for easy access. They are also working on making their content tablet accessible although this is not yet active.

Read Write Think has a great variety of interactive literacy based activities that can be used up to high school grade levels.


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