loreto imageI am an occupational therapist, tinkerer, and relentless seeker for educational equality. My passion is helping students find their love for learning and overcoming obstacles in their way. As a school based OT, I work with a variety of learning needs and strive to meet students where they are.

As a tinkerer, I’m always looking for ways to make the world of assistive technology accessible and affordable for all. A novice at the world of coding and microprocessors, I hope to find a way to bring these tools to the assistive technology community and help families find solutions.

As of recently, I helped start a non-profit with a mission of bringing computer science and digital literacy to all; Zero Day Camp. Through after-school programming and summer camp we hope to develop young minds to understand the digital world around them and help solve the problems of the future; with a little fun along the way. More ambitious future plans will include educator training and development of open curriculum and open source software. Visit our website to learn more.