Use the Copy Machine in the Office to Go Paperless

The next time you go make copies for the class check out the machine to see if you can insert a USB drive somewhere on the front or side of the machine. If you see it, you are in luck! You can now use the copy machine and the built in feeder to scan in student work, handouts from workshops (all those PowerPoint slide presentations), or other stacks of paper you want to have available just in case; without cluttering up the classroom.

Simply insert your USB drive into the port and select the “Scan” button on the copier. You can customize the file type (PDF probably is the most useful), resolution size, and other options. Press the start button as you normally would.

You can then invest in cloud storage like dropbox, google drive, or box to store this paperwork in the cloud. Your documents are then available anywhere you are when you need them.


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