Boogie Board Sync

Well I finally got my Boogie Board Sync and it was well worth it. The board functions as a digital pen and paper. Frustrated by using a stylus on a tablet and all the issues with placing your palm on the screen are not an issue here. The board allows you to draw, write and scribble using the enclosed stylus and then either save your creation on the device or sync and send to Evernote. Files may be saved as images or PDF files. Also if you set the Sync folder to sent to your Dropbox account, your notes are now cloud based and easily accessible.

This is a great solution for a disorganized person like me. I can now write my notes and have them available anywhere I need them. I will further test out if the handwriting recognition in Evernote can be read from Boogie Board files.

The Boogie Board can also be used as a whiteboard alternative. With the free tablet app or PC/Mac application you can then project your drawings and writings in real time. Notes can then be saved and shared. This can be a great resource for the students who did not get lessons the first time around or missed notes.


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